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Ethan the Chef at Tres Yan & Wu  | Chinese Restaurant & Sushi Bar

Paula’s nephew Ethan prepares a ginger salad on April Fool’s Day. If you think he’s as cute as we do, share this on Facebook.


People are talking about Tres Yan & Wu’s Chinese New Year menu, featuring special delights like crispy golden dragon, roasted boneless duck and apple walnut cake. Read about the cultural meanings of Chinese New Year in a Burlington County Times piece featuring manager Paula Yan and check out the top 5 South Jersey restaurants recommended by the Courier Post for a Chinese New Year celebration (we, of course, are honored to have made the list). See the full Chinese New Year menu here and check out the photos below depicting the preparation and service of the special menu. Our thanks to Dorann Weber for the photos.


Each year, the editors at South Jersey Magazine bestow the Golden Fork Awards to what they consider to be the top 25 restaurants in Southern New Jersey. The competition is stiff and the selection process is freighted with mystery: there’s a secret conclave, private ballots, puffs of white smoke. Okay, we’re kidding about the ballots and the smoke, but we are delighted to be honored all the same. We also wholeheartedly endorse the editors’ parting tip: “Get something to go: It’s a breath of fresh air from what you’ll usually find in Asian takeout.” View the entire list of winners here.


Tres Yan & Wu took part in Empty Bowls, a fundraiser held at Perkins Center for the Arts in Collingswood on Saturday, December 1. The event benefits the Perkins Center’s scholarship programs in both Moorestown and Collingswood, as well as the Food Bank of Southern New Jersey. Chef Yan contributed vegetarian hot & sour and chicken creamed corn soups to the event. Special thanks to local artist Meg Winchell Biddle (, who invited Tres Yan & Wu to participate in the fundraiser.

Thank You Letter from Perkins Center

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Best of South Jersey Chinese Restaurant 2012Best of South Jersey Once Again!

The Courier Post has once again recognized Tres Yan & Wu as one of the best Chinese and sushi restaurants in South Jersey! Each year, over 100,000 New Jerseyans vote in the Reader’s Choice awards for their favorite people and businesses in the region. Thanks to all those who cast a ballot for us – we hope to see you soon!


Tres Yan & Wu Honored in Chinese Restaurant News’ Top 100 Chinese Restaurants

On January 9, Chinese Restaurant News recognized Tres Yan & Wu as one of the Top 100 Chinese Restaurants in the US! See the list here.

Mongolian Lamb Honored by South Jersey Magazine

South Jersey Magazine’s Golden Fork awards gave rave reviews to our Mongolian Lamb, calling it “rewarding” and “Northern Chinese-influenced cooking at its best.” Check out the full review here.

Courier Post "Best Egg Roll" FeatureCheck out this Courier Post feature about the top 5 places to dine on egg rolls in South Jersey. While we may disagree that P.F. Chang’s traditional egg roll bests our crispy egg roll and dragon roll, we’re happy to be honored by the Courier once again after being named a Best of South Jersey restaurant in 2011.


Executive Chef Paul Yan was featured in a January 18 article in the Burlington County Times depicting a day in the life of a Chinese restaurant. Read the article here or browse the images above. Photo credit: Nancy Rokos.



On December 3, Tres Yan & Wu contributed their soups and services to Empty Bowls, sponsored locally by Perkins Center for the Arts. The event brought members of the community together for a meal of soup and bread in handcrafted souvenir bowls, in exchange for a donation to help end hunger in South Jersey.

From Jersey Eats Magazine, August/September 2011 Issue

Meet…Ginger (Ginger Scallion Chicken recipe contributed by our own Executive Chef, Paul Yan!)
Photo by Douglas Bovitt
From South Jersey Magazine, August 2011 Issue
Tres Yan & Wu: East Meets Best
by Brian Freedman; Photo by Douglas Bovitt

Tres Yan and Wu
3131 Route 38, Mount Laurel
(856) 608-8888
3 1/2 forks

So much can be discerned from an order of wonton soup. After all, most of us have sampled so many variations on the classic that it has become, if subconsciously, a metric by which Chinese restaurants can be compared. Judged on this scale, Très Yan and Wu—formerly Très Elena Wu—outperforms the vast majority of its competitors.

The broth is the key here, a deeply rendered, amber-hued, daily-made beauty that would have been sufficient even without the wontons—which were delicate and stuffed with a toothy grind of shrimp and scallions. Rather than just providing lubrication, it spoke of chicken steeping for hours, its richness awakened by the occasional snap of green onion and by those fabulous homemade dumplings.

This is the kind of surprise you’ll find throughout the menu at this friendly Chinese restaurant and sushi bar in Mount Laurel. Nearly a year after Elena Wu, a South Jersey icon, sold her namesake restaurant, the crowd of retirees, young families and regular takeout clientele has not thinned.

Wu’s brother, executive chef/owner Paul Yan, now presides over the kitchen of this modern BYOB, which is midway through its second year in business. Yan, along with several relatives, took over the restaurant in November 2010, when Wu decided to retire. Yan, a Hong Kong native who earned honors as a young chef from the Hong Kong Federation of Food Service, has continued the family tradition admirably. He presents an eclectic mix of Chinese and Japanese cuisine, as well as excellent takes on traditional dishes.

For example, even the steamed dumplings, so often just a way to fill your belly while waiting for the more ambitious food to arrive, were remarkable. The menu describes them as being filled with pork, scallions and Napa cabbage, but that doesn’t remotely do them justice. The pork here had a beautiful smoky sweetness that, as good as it was tucked inside those steamed pockets of (slightly-too-thick) dough, would have been even better set against a fried exterior.

But Très Yan and Wu isn’t just a Chinese restaurant; it also ventures into the realm of pan-Asian fusion cuisine. While this is treacherous culinary territory that too often trips up inexperienced chefs, Yan manages his forays into this realm with grace. The sushi was invariably fresh—enough that it didn’t have to be served ice-cold, a trick lesser eateries use to cover up any minor “off” aromas. In fact, our waiter was so honest that, when I inquired about several of the fish on offer, he flatly told me which ones were freshest (and which were not).

When it comes to specialty rolls—often a pitfall for chefs who pack too many ingredients into a single creation—the ethos is restraint. “Fancy salmon roll,” for example, achieves a perfect balance of salmon tempura and cream cheese, anointed with wasabi, spicy mayo and eel sauce. The delicate use of cream cheese allowed the smokiness of the fried salmon to sing through with clarity and a richness of its own.

Mongolian lamb was another winning dish recommended by our server. We initially ordered pork, but he warned us that the slices of meat were too thin and occasionally arrived on the dry side. So lamb it was. Good thing we listened. The meat’s gaminess married beautifully with the gently spicy, deeply expressive sauce, and the lamb was impeccably moist.

The menu also dipped into Thai dishes; the pad Thai was competent but not very memorable. While it was cooked with all the right sweet and savory notes, a more generous sprinkling of cilantro and sprouts would have added the right hit of brightness. But that’s the only faint praise I can offer for Très Yan and Wu—a restaurant that’s operating at an elevated level right now, and succeeding at the goals set for itself. It may have a new name, but the quality here hasn’t changed one bit.

Published (and copyrighted) in South Jersey Magazine, Volume 8, Issue 5 (August, 2011).

Courier Post Best of South Jersey 2011

On May 2, Tres Yan & Wu was honored by the Courier Post newspaper as serving the best sushi in South Jersey. The restaurant was also recognized as one of the best Chinese Restaurants. “I am pleased that all of our friends in New Jersey enjoy the timeless flavors I was first exposed to in my native Hong Kong,” remarked Head Chef Paul Yan. “Of course, living and working on the East Coast of the US has influenced my cooking as well. You will find a diverse menu rooted in Chinese tradition at Tres Yan & Wu, and I have the people of New Jersey, one of the most diverse states in the country, to thank for that.”

Chef Yan began his culinary career in Hong Kong, where he was the youngest student to graduate with honors from the Hong Kong Federation of Food Service at the age of 15. He moved stateside in 1967, serving as Banquet Chef at the prestigious China Royal, eventually opening his own upscale Chinese restaurant in Rhode Island. Chef Yan founded Tres Yan & Wu in 2010.

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