Wonderful restaurant. Good is fresh and delicious. Staff is attentive. Always a pleasant experience.

Loretta Leo G.

Thanks for accommodating us last minute on Mother’s Day!  It meant the world to my parents to be there. (With my dad just out of the hospital, we didn’t know if he’d make it out anywhere. But his energy rallied and he very much enjoyed his dinner with you, as we all did.)

Service was perfect and the kitchen was wonderful to accommodate our few special requests.  Everything was, as usual, perfect which is especially amazing on such a very busy holiday.

Thank you for having such a wonderfully run restaurant.

Lisa & Michael R.

This is the best Chinese restaurant in or around Mount Laurel.

At Tres Yan & Wu, you’re going to pay a little more, but when you begin eating you’ll see immediately where the extra money went. Everything tastes fresh and delicious, and some Chinese staples are taken to new levels here. The dumplings and egg rolls are better here than anywhere I’ve ever tasted them.  Ditto some unusual menu items, like the shrimp and butternut squash soup. A few other must-tries: peking duck and honey walnut shrimp/chicken. You won’t find it done better anywhere else.

For a place that’s making its name as a Chinese restaurant, Tres Yan & Wu also boasts, in my opinion, some of the best sushi I’ve eaten in South Jersey. The rolls are large, fresh and tasty. Again, you’ll pay more here than you would at a run-of-the-mill sushi hut, but if you’ve got a craving for a memorable sushi meal, Tres Yan & Wu is your best bet.

Finally, the service here is outstanding. The host is sweet, the wait staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and management goes to great lengths to remember familiar faces.

I’m of the opinion that if you’re going to spend your hard earned money on a luxury like dining out, you should get your money’s worth. Tres Yan & Wu will give you just that.

Dave V. (Yelp)

This was my first visit to Tres Yan & Wu, though family members had been there previously. This is a place that will not disappoint those with a true yearning for genuine Cantonese style cooking. This evening we shared the spare ribs, shrimp in lobster sauce, a chicken dish (the name escapes me) and their 11 ingredient fried rice. All was wonderful, perfectly seasoned and cooked. The dining room was not overly large and didn’t have the expected Chinese flair, but the food was all that was promised and more.
We did take out this evening. I like that they have a BYOB policy, so while we waited for our dinner to be prepared, I brought in a bottle of wine. We sat in the dining room, had our wine and relaxed on a very cold night.

YodaNyc, TripAdvisor

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